Handcrafted Furniture from Sustainable Forests
"Destined for a Museum-Never a Landfill"

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  December 1, 2011
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Our Collection

Handcrafted Furniture

The Mountain Magnolia Collection is a small but growing collection of fine furniture handcrafted from sustainable forests and inspired by the Mountain Magnolia Inn. The collection is designed by Gary Lowe, president of Gary Lowe Designs, Ltd. and Genesis Designs, LLC. He is a well-known furniture designer who has done work for some of the top furniture makers in the world. Each piece in the collection is lovingly made by Philip Yoder, an Amish furniture maker, of Belfield Furniture Company and other Amish craftsmen in Holmes County, Ohio.

The collection is unique not only in its design and its eco-friendly creation, but in the exceptional value it represents. Its craftsmanship and design are at par with the finest furniture available anywhere.

Take a few minutes to explore our site, appreciate the beauty of our collection, and learn more about how it came into being. And you can experience pieces on location at the Mountain Magnolia Inn, Hot Springs , North Carolina, by reserving your room today.

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 *Duplication of our designs are discouraged by licensing and patent agreements already established.

"The chairs just arrived.  I can't decide if they're extremely gorgeous chairs that are also very comfortable or if they're exceptionally comfortable chairs that are also very beautiful.  Either way, they're fabulous and we're thrilled to have them." Kathryn Decatur, GA